Message from our patron


I am
delighted to have this opportunity to convey warm appreciation to the members
of the Norwegian Irish Business Association for their ongoing work in promoting
friendship and business relations between Norway and Ireland. Our two countries share a wide range of views
and interests and cooperate closely on a variety of international issues. NIBA plays a valuable role in helping to
develop the bilateral links between Norway and Ireland and in highlighting the
mutual advantage for both countries from more intensive economic and business
links. I am very pleased to follow in
the footsteps of my predecessors and to continue the close cooperation which they had with NIBA in working to
develop closer business links between 
our two countries.

Angela O’Farrell


August 2013.


Doing business in Ireland


Ireland offers investors a stable, profitable, English speaking base to service the European market and beyond. This is why more than 1,200 overseas companies have made Ireland their location of choice.


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Doing business in Norway 


Norway has a highly motivated, educated and skilled staff and management, well capitalised companies and strict financial control. The attitude towards foreign co-operation and investment is positive.


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Welcome to NIBA's homepage!

Norwegian Irish Business Association - NIBA and our Irish counterpart Norwegian Irish Business Council - NIBC are the premier contact points for companies doing business between the two countries, whether as subsidiaries of Irish/Norwegian parents or as importers, exporters or providers of services. We organise seminars and meetings throughout the year and are a very useful meeting point and source of information.


Best regards,
Tom Christiansen
Chairman NIBA


I am delighted that you have taken the time to visit the NIBA website.

As Ireland’s Ambassador to Norway, it is a pleasure to see such a vibrant relationship between our two countries. The Irish and Norwegian governments and people work together in areas ranging from shared international cooperation to more direct links in fields such as education and culture and, of course, the all-important individual personal and professional ties. We also have a flourishing economic relationship which has seen trade, investment, and tourism reach new levels. In 2013, trade between the two countries was valued at €2.5bn while over 55,000 Norwegians visited Ireland.

For more than 20 years, NIBA has provided a platform for promoting greater engagement between the Norwegian and Irish business communities.  I look forward to working with NIBA during my time here on further strengthening existing ties and building new mutually beneficial relationships that will lead to even stronger Ireland-Norway connections in the coming years.



Karl Gardner


October, 2015



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Tom Christiansen


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