Message from our patron


I am
delighted to have this opportunity to convey warm appreciation to the members
of the Norwegian Irish Business Association for their ongoing work in promoting
friendship and business relations between Norway and Ireland. Our two countries share a wide range of views
and interests and cooperate closely on a variety of international issues. NIBA plays a valuable role in helping to
develop the bilateral links between Norway and Ireland and in highlighting the
mutual advantage for both countries from more intensive economic and business
links. I am very pleased to follow in
the footsteps of my predecessors and to continue the close cooperation which they had with NIBA in working to
develop closer business links between 
our two countries.

Angela O’Farrell


August 2013.


Doing business in Ireland


Ireland offers investors a stable, profitable, English speaking base to service the European market and beyond. This is why more than 1,200 overseas companies have made Ireland their location of choice.


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Doing business in Norway 


Norway has a highly motivated, educated and skilled staff and management, well capitalised companies and strict financial control. The attitude towards foreign co-operation and investment is positive.


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What is NIBA? PDF Print E-mail


NIBA – the Norwegian Irish Business Association - was established in 1994 as a forum and network for companies, organisations and private persons interested in strengthening the business relationship between Ireland and Norway.


Membership includes representatives from the Embassy of Ireland, Tourism Ireland and DFDS Logistics, to name but a few.


NIBA also works closely with its sister organisation in Ireland, Norwegian Irish Business Council – NIBC.


The volume of trade between our two counties has steadily risen in recent years and now stands at an all time high. Ireland enjoyed record growth rates for almost two decades, and its per capita GDP is now above the EU average. Several important Norwegian companies have established themselves in Ireland.


This increased activity between our two countries contributed to the opening of an Irish Embassy in Norway, at the start of 2001. Direct air service is also available – you are there in less than two hours.


NIBA also arranges meetings for its members to cover topics of mutual interest such as investment in Ireland, export opportunities, and the experiences of Norwegian companies established in Ireland. NIBA provides its members a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of other companies on how to build good relationship with Ireland.


NIBA is part of an informal group of other EU chambers in Norway which extends our networking to most EU countries. Our members will be invited to their meetings and to exchange their experience with them.


NIBA participates actively in social and cultural events, including joint activities on St. Patrick’s Day, the annual Irish Music Festival in the autumn, book launches by Norwegian authors writing about Ireland, and other social gatherings.


In NIBA we try to focus on what makes Ireland interesting to a Norwegian, with special focus on the commercial side. But in Ireland “Business and Pleasure” often goes hand-in-hand, so we try to do the same over here.


For further information please contact our secretary on the address listed below. We look forward to hearing from you


Tom Christiansen



c/o Tom Christiansen

Texnesbakken 26, 1591 Sperrebotn


Tel. mobile +47 92020855     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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